Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meet Monk

He is such a peaceful soul.

Does not bark.
Did not know any commands but learned "Sit" in less than a day.
At times, does not seem to hear very well.
Beginning to wonder if he has a hearing problem.
Will ask the vet next week.

Easily defeated the gate that was supposed 
to keep him in the kitchen in spite of 
his lame front leg.
(Might have superpowers.)

Also known as Pimp Dawg because 
he has charmed Lily 
into licking his wee-wee for him at least twice a day.
She seeks it out like a hungry calf going for its mothers milk.

Or perhaps it is not because of Monk's seductive ways.
Maybe Lily is just a slut.
She is, after all, 11 years old.
The old girl probably has more than a few stories from her past
that we'll never know.


Bethany said...

Oh my gosh, MONK is the perfect name... and of course Pimp Dawg. This made me laugh and smile and I REALLY needed that. Love the pics. Love the story. More dog stories please. Sweet sweet sweet. Looks like you adopted yourself 2 beauties.
I don't think either of them would've had an easy time finding new homes, being big and gray.
You're my hero.
PS I don't think I could handle watching/hearing the weiner licking. Do you yell at her to stop? I don't know if it's a good idea to let em do that. Ask vet!

Wanda said...

I too thought immediately, at seeing the name Monk and photo, that his name suits him well!