Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I've been "frassed"

The bug nerds have spoken.
This lovely lady is Peucetia viridans.

And even better is that someone left more detailed information for me: "This is likely a female after it has created an egg sac because its abdomen is so small."

The bad news is that same knowledgeable person decided my pictures "aren't needed for the guide" so she 'frassed' them.

According to BugGuide.net:
Frass is insect debris. Poor quality images, images from outside the U.S. and Canada, and those that otherwise do not add value to the guide are moved here. Images will remain here for 30 days after the most recent activity so that comments may be viewed. After that they are automatically removed by the system.


Apparently, I add no value.  I'm okay with it though.  I'm not hurt, BugGuide.net.  I wasn't expecting a long-term, meaningful relationship or anything.  You should know that I was only using you for your bug knowledge.  

It seems so sudden.  Just what the heck did you want from me?!  I gave and I gave and I guess it wasn't good enough.  

You were my first, you know.  I had never found a Bug Guide quite like you.  I thought this would be something special.  It's okay...sniff...there will be others who will appreciate my value....sniff.  

Sure, we can still be friends.  Maybe I'll stop by some time and bring you more pictures and we can....no?  Fine.  We'll always have Libellula croceipennis.

Let's have the boys from New Edition (the original boy band) sing us out...