Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Failure stinks

It is tough to be a failure. Especially at something so simple – like bleeding.

I went to donate blood this morning. Filled out the forms and passed the finger prick test. They were busy in the Bloodmobile but I had an appointment so I got to go ahead of others. The nurse got all the gear assembled and then hooked me up. I felt a pinch that didn’t go away when she taped the tubes to my arm. She had me squeeze a squishy ball every few seconds.

She came back and adjusted things again. Still feeling the pinching where the needle was. She looked at the bag and said that it wasn’t filling up. She adjusted again and told me not to squeeze the squishy ball so hard. She went off to do intake on a new person and then waved to get the attention of another nurse and pointed at my bag. He adjusted my tubes again and said something about her not setting it right the first time.

More waiting. More adjusting. More comments about my squishy ball squeezing performance.

Then I just ran out of time. Apparently there is a time limit. I didn't make it. As she and the other nurse were looking at my pathetic bag of blood, she asked me if I had any fluids in the last day. Huh? Do they really ask this? Are there people out there who do not drink liquids every day? I told her I am always drinking water.

And to myself I thought, "Sure. That's what it is. My blood must be the consistency of cake batter and can't make it through your little tubes because I didn't have a glass of water this morning. I'm sure that's it. It couldn't possibly be because you did a crappy job putting the needle in my vein."

Unfortunately, they couldn't even use the blood that they did get. Had to throw the whole thing away. My attempt at giving was a giant waste of supplies and everyone's time. I asked if I could donate again in less than 8 weeks, since they hadn't sucked so much blood out. They said no - I still have to wait 8 weeks.

It wasn't a total waste. I was able to sign up for the National Marrow Donor Registry.


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Bobby said...

I go every 16 weeks and do the Double Red donation. So just keep trying...you'll ge the hang of it

I wish i could register for the Marrow Registry, apparently after i hurt my back i am required to wait 5 years til i register..weird
Not sure how my Marrow is going to change in time....but whatever!! (oops exclamation points..dammit!! (shit i did it again))