Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How many kittens does it take to get the Cheney stink out of the room?

This was Sunday mornings blog entry. But I didn't want to spend the day getting all steamed up while I tried to finish it because Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest and peace. So I finished it up later in the week.


Sunday morning:

I was having a hard time waking up this morning. I was physically out of bed, reading news on the computer but my brain was only half awake. Then I saw this:

Cheney: Obama detainee policies make US less safe

Cheney: Don't blame Bush team for economic woes

Nothing like seeing something that makes your blood boil first thing in the morning to wake you right up!

I'll try to keep the profanity to a minimum, but I can't promise to control myself when a man who has had quite an enormous role in getting this country to EXACTLY where we are today will not just SHUT HIS #$%^&#$ MOUTH and crawl back into whatever hole he usually lurks in, so the people who now have the responsibility to pick up the pieces from the DISASTER that he and his pals left of this country, can do the work that is needed to be done.

Okay, Mr. Cheney, just keep telling yourself that you and your administration did everything right and that everyone else is wrong.

That the Iraq War went just as planned and when the whole shaky "democracy" that we've built there collapses in on itself, that it will be the new administration's fault.

That the illegal and repulsive torture which was done in America's name did NOT create more terrorists around the world who hate us.

That holding prisoners for over 7 years without charging them with any crime or bringing them to justice was a outstanding example of America's highest ideals and values, not a shameful abuse of power.

That lining the pockets of contractors like your Haliburton buddies with no-bid contracts and laughable oversight is just good fiscal practice.

Just keep TELLING YOURSELF these things if that's what gets you through the day. But STOP TELLING US ANYTHING. You had your time. Now is the time to sit back, shut your %$@&*% mouth and let other people try to rebuild the wreckage that you have left behind.


Glenn Greenwald Column on the subject

And now to try to counteract the bad mojo that I just released on this blog, let's all take a moment and look at some cute kitties.

Ahhhh... now doesn't that feel better?


Bobby said...

When i hear the word Haliburton it just turns my stomach....and i hate cats..Thanks Kathy

Susan said...

Yes, I agree Bobby.. I'm outraged... cute, adorable dogs would have been much more calming.... Cats make me agitated... especially pictures of them. S

Bethany said...

You all are so funny!
I can't believe you put cute kitties on your blog.Things must be really bad. Good thing I don't pay attention to the real world or I would have to get worked up too.