Thursday, October 2, 2008

A great age

Volunteered again tonight and it was sooooo much better than last time. There were only about 7 kids and 5 volunteers. I think that makes a world of difference. There were also different staff on duty.

They did not give the kids candy this time. They did not play a loud, scary movie this time. We were able to give the kids a lot of attention and it didn't feel as chaotic.

You just have to love that age when a kid will play a silly game, over and over and over, and still have the same enthusiasm and joy about it the whole way through. There was a boy of about 5 sitting near me, facing the other way. I tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned around I pretended it wasn't me. He smiled and said "Who did that?" I shrugged my shoulders and tried to act innocent. I did it a few more times and he laughed every time. We played this for at least 10 minutes.

Tap, tap.
"Who did that? (big smile)
"Not me! It was.... that stuffed giraffe!" (giggles)

Tap, tap.
"Who did that? (big smile)
"Not me! It was.... that pumpkin!" (more giggles)

Tap, tap.
"Who did that? (big smile)
"Not me! It was.... that teddy bear!" (more giggles)

Over and over and full of glee each time. What a great age.

We left before they headed to their bedrooms to sleep and only one little boy started to cry. It was an easier transition than last time.

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mom said...

Aren't kids the greatest.