Monday, September 1, 2008

Worm Poop!

I'm so excited today to try my worm poop plant food. I found it yesterday at Target of all places. The nursery that I like to visit is closed on Sundays (good for them!) So I went to the gardening section of Target. Everywhere I looked was Miracle-Gro this and Miracle-Gro that. I don't know why, but anything Miracle-Gro just makes me think of a bunch of chemicals.

Maybe I'm mixing it up with Chem-Lawn. Remember that? The sickly sweet smell after they came and sprayed our whole lawn with who knows what? Maybe that's what made me and Bobby grow so tall. I remember one summer, when the Chem-Lawn guy came we ran around the lawn as he sprayed it, like we were running through sprinklers. The Chem-Lawn guy just laughed and laughed. JUST KIDDING!

So I'm looking for some kind of plant food that isn't Miracle-Gro and at the top of the shelf is a spray bottle. What caught my eye was a tag on it that had someone's handwritten name. The plant food comes in a recycled soda bottle that is collected by different schools throughout the U.S. The schools get money for turning in the bottles. I looked at every single bottle to find one from R.I. but didn't find any. So I settled for Peter from New Jersey.

If you want to read more about the worm poop go here: TerraCycle

The other good thing about it is that it sounds easy. I just have to spray it on the soil and leaves once a week. Even I can handle that.

I also bought a new pink plant to take the place of Mr. Finicky-I-need -full-shade plant that isn't doing well where I planted it. I'm going to dig it up, transplant it to a pot and put it under my bed. Let's see how it likes that.

This plant can take the full sun. Here's the before picture. Look how healthy and green it looks. Let's see what it looks like after a few months in my care.


maureen said...

Hey Kathy, Your plant is beautiful> Good Luck with it. I googled Edgar and Ellen. They pay nonprofit organizations to send them bottles and other items. Sounds like a cool project for the kids "Green Team" at school to look into. I am going to pass it on to Mrs Dixon. She is always looking for cool ideas.

Bethany said...

You sound like such a PTA mom, "I'm going to pass it on to Mrs Dixon." I love that!