Friday, May 30, 2008

Similarly Atypical

Went to a dermatologist today to have moles checked. Dr. Miller. He had very nice skin. It looked well moisturized and very likely exfoliated on a regular basis.

I have many atypical moles. None are in the scary stage. He took one off just to check. If it is low-level scary, they take another one off and check that too. If it is okay, I can just come back and see Dr. Fresh Face every year to check them again.

It must be satisfying to be a dermatologist. You find the bad parts and just cut them away.

He was explaining how I had a lot of moles and they are atypical, but in the same way. So I said, “They are similarly atypical?” And he said yes! And then asked if I was a teacher. Is that something a teacher would say?

A haiku:

A mole on my back
Similarly atypical
Uncommon sameness

(Okay, it is not a haiku because the second line has 8 syllables)

I didn’t take any pictures and I will NOT take any of the gaping hole in my skin where the mole used to be. So here’s my mole picture:

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