Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Favorite Interventionist

I watch Intervention on A&E. Obsessively. But it's not like I'm addicted or anything. I can stop any time I want. But I won't. (And you can't make me.)

My favorite interventionist (and the one you should call if I ever start to hit the crack pipe) is Mr. Ken Seeley. Oh, there are other interventionists on the show, but Ken's the one for me. And not just because of that raspy voice or his neatly trimmed sideburns.

Candy Finnigan has that no-nonsense attitude mixed with healthy dose of maternal concern. She won't take any crap from you, but she manages to make you feel like she genuinely cares the whole time.

Jeff VanV has the ultra-laid back attitude. He seems to be thinking, "Hey, I can get you into a treatment center that will rescue you from the hell that you have been living and save your life. Or I can just go get a sandwich. Either way. Doesn't matter to me." Jeff does care about the addicts and their families. He's just got that mellow, low-pressure approach.

But Ken Seeley is not fooling around, man. He has an unceasing intensity about him every moment of the intervention. He's staring down the addicts with a somber intensity and every molecule of his being is pulsing with a ferocious concern for their lives. There is a tension in his body. Like he knows that he has to sit back and let the addict make his own choice, but he really wants to jump over the cheap, hotel coffee table, grab the addict by the shoulders and scream, "Don't you see what you are doing to yourself?!?! Look at what you are doing to your FAMILY! WAKE UP, MAN!"

But he doesn't. Like the other interventionists, he relies on the family and friends to speak to the addict and hopes that the power of their love can reach the person behind the addiction. It is a very intense and emotional show. Isn't it a shame that it takes such a crisis in their lives for people to be able to share their deepest emotions with the people they love?


Bobby said...

I Love that show too. It amazes me the lengths that people go to to deny the fact that they have a serious problem. I also like Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Although i don't feel as bad for these "beautiful people." They have the world by the balls and forget to squeeze. But then again if i was born in Hollywood with a Father Alcoholic Movie Producer and a Pill popping Model Mother, i could have ended up a little different

Anonymous said...

This is the only reality show I am not into. I actually have been hoping my family would take my addiction of reality TV seriously enough to have an intervetion. Where are you ALL!!! Maureen

patti said...

we are coming for u moe -- mtv is the first to go!

Kathy, i too am infatuated by this show but i am not sure if that is my favorite interventionist.. Candy to me has been around the block. she looks old, used up, like she could fall off the wagon at anytime. someone that people could relate to. hopefully we will never know which one is best!