Thursday, January 1, 2009

Classy Broad

My boss gave me a bottle of champagne for New Years. I wouldn't know a good bottle of wine if you clunked me over the head with it. He collects wine, so I assumed that it was a high quality bottle of champagne.
It was Marie Stuart Champagne. My many years of French classes have finally paid off because I could translate these words on the label - "Produit de France." It means Product of France. Monsieur Lawrence would be so proud.

I wasn't planning to stay up until midnight and drinking makes me sleepy, so I
decided to open it early just to have a taste. The whole cork in a cage thing was a little scary and I thought about requiring protective eye-wear for all members of the household, but I didn't think I would be able to strap a pair of goggles on the cat, so I just went forward and managed to open the bottle without maiming anyone.

Josh said, "Aren't you supposed to chill it?" It had been sitting on the counter all afternoon. He was right.

But I was too impatient. I only wanted a taste and I wasn't about to wait around for it to get cold. So I grabbed a chilled beer mug out of our freezer.

This is how we drink fine champagne in our house:

Happy New Year!

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Bethany said...

Love it.
The mug is priceless!!!