Thursday, July 21, 2011

Napoleon Ohio

Napoleon was supposed to be Cleveland, but I realized last night at almost midnight that trying to drive nine hours in one day is craaaaaazy.  Was able to change my reservations to make it a seven hour drive instead.

Lots of states today.  Started in Iowa, through Illinois, through Indiana, unplanned pit stop in Michigan (didn't even know I was in Michigan) and finally Ohio.  Illinois wins the worst traffic award.  Drove for 3 hours straight and then was stuck for an hour in traffic that was either at a complete standstill, or going 5 MPH. It was because of major construction.  It's a good thing that I have a bladder the size of a baby whale.

Illinois also produced my first brush with the law.  I got pulled over for doing 60 in a 55 MPH construction zone.  Now I swear I was going with the flow of traffic and others were going even faster.  My theory is that these young officers saw the California plates and wanted to see if the female driver was a cutie.  Those poor guys.  I'm sure I wasn't what they were hoping for.  

Lily wasn't taking any crap from them.  She barked her head off at both of them, guns be damned.  I apologized and they were very nice about it.  They let me off with a warning and told me to drive safe.

I wish I had a second head, an extra pair of hands and an invisible camera.  The head and hands are so I could take pictures while I am driving.  There are so many things that catch my eye, but there is no way I'm fumbling with a camera at high speeds.  Like the billboard that said, "DON'T DIE WITH YOUR TEETH IN A GLASS!"  It was an ad for dental implants.  

And I want the invisible camera so I can take pictures of people without them knowing.   Like the guy at the local restaurant in Michigan with the most excellent mullet.  Or the cowboys at the truck stops in Wyoming.  Or the young cop who pulled me over today.  I would never have the nerve to ask people if I could take their picture.  Plus that would ruin the spontaneity.  So when our Overlords at Apple or Google invent the eye-implant camera, I'll be first in line.

No pictures today.  I can't say the scenery in any of those states really move me.  It's all downhill after Wyoming.

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Bethany said...

well you painted the picture for us, so thanks.
Glad you got off. It was Lily who scared em off.
Go Lily.
I still can't really believe you and the dogs are doing this.
You amaze me.
Can't wait to see you.