Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good things come

Doesn't he have a great head?
7 years old
51 lbs
The rescue thinks he's a
Shepherd / American Staffordshire Terrier mix.
But he could be part Boxer or even Great Dane.
The rescue will drop him off next Sunday.
Any suggestions on names?

Doggie #2 will show up on Wednesday.
She's an 11-year-old black Lab.
Family she has known her whole life has
fallen apart and she is collateral damage.
We will foster her for a rescue organization for now.
But probably keep her if it works out.
(No pictures yet.)

I was right to wait.  This feels good. 

Kittimus Maximus is about to have his world rocked.
Poor Kitty.  He doesn't even know it.

(Don't worry.  Kitty has been a participant in some doggie slumber parties 
when we dog-sit for a friend.  He's adjusted more and more each time.  
Once he gets the fact that he's not in danger, he relaxes.
There will be an adjustment period, but he'll be fine
and we won't let the dogs bully him.)


Ms. Moon said...

What a beautiful animal. He didn't already have a name?

Bethany said...

How exciting.
Maybe stick with a B name since he's been called Brownie and Bear. Plus, well B is the best letter to begin a name with anyway.
How bout Banjo.
I can't really think of a good one.
It will come to you when he's there.
Good luck with everything. Two doggies!!!!

Susan said...

Caley is so excited for you! and so are we.. I'm so happy for you both... adorable.. names.. I'll put it out there for the Schu's to discuss and we'll get back to you..

Mama Drama Times Two said...

He reminds me of Clifford (The Big Red Dog. What a sweetie! We volunteer at a shelter in VT and adopted our sweet Sarah-Bear (a 10 yo golden retriever) from there this oast April. She too was the product of an ugly divorce. Poor beasties - lucky they have you.