Sunday, August 16, 2009

Party Pooper

Gross discussion of bodily functions below. If you can't handle it, stop reading.

Should a person be worried if her (kinda loose) poop this morning was a bright red color?

Not if she drank a huge glass of beet juice last night.

This happened to me this morning. When I noticed it, I started to think, "What the...." and then I remembered the beet juice.

Actually it was orange/beet juice but the orange flavor was nowhere to be found. Beets just take over everything. Like some obnoxious guest at a party who hijacks every conversation and has to be the center of attention the whole time.

I'm roasting a bunch of vegetables in the oven right now, including beets.

The beets had better not ruin the party.


Bobby said...

God i hate beets....instantly turn my stomach upside down.....thanks for grossing me out and it had nothing to do with #2

Anne Leddy said...

I have a great recipe for pickled beets. Let me know it you want it. It is great for a veggie for summer meal or to get you veggies in with a sandwich. Mom