Monday, May 11, 2009

Where vegetables go to die

My refrigerator

And I had such high hopes for these when I bought them.

I was going to make a crunchy salad and add some marinated tofu.

I think the red pepper might still be okay.
And there is some broccoli that seems to be hanging in there.

All was not lost. I ate some of the broccoli last night and had the red peppers in an omelet this morning.

The day after I ate the vegetables, I had what we will politely call some intestinal disturbance. I blame the vegetables. They were getting revenge on me - either for letting their vegetable comrades die an ignoble death, or because I ate them with no joy and gratitude, only begrudging obligation.

Got this picture from a funny post.

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Anne Leddy said...

Kathy, I guess you haven't heard about green bags. Patty and Maureen swear by them. Mom