Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who are the police officers in your neighborhood?

I really have to get better at asking follow up questions.

This morning I walk out my door. There are no less than ten unmarked police cars parked up and down the street in front of my house. Identical white sedans, each with a spotlight mounted near the driver’s side door.

There is a man with an orange reflector vest that says Police standing near one of those devices that surveyors use – like a mini-telescope on a tripod. There is one other guy in a camouflage outfit that also says Police. He is putting something in the trunk of one of the white cars. I hear other male voices in the distance. Possibly up the stairway that runs next to our house or maybe a little further up the street where I can’t see them.

I am puzzled. I look at the camouflage cop.
Me: Can I ask what is going on?

Camouflage cop: Sure, we are just trying to locate some evidence.

Me: Wow. That’s a lot of cars.

Camouflage cop: Yea.

I get into my car and drive away heading to work. And then it hits me. WHAT?!?!?

There is a small army of police officers practically in my backyard and I don’t ask more questions? What evidence are they looking for? What crime occurred? Why does it take 20 of them? Why is he dressed in camouflage in the middle of a city? Where can I get one of those nifty spotlights for my car? many unanswered questions...

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