Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday afternoon at the nursery

Went to a funky, local nursery to attend a cooking with herbs class. It wasn't so much about lots of different things you can do with herbs. It was more just a baking demonstration with a few herbs. It was still wonderful. She made everything look so easy to do.

It was held in the house of the guy who owns the nursery. His house is on the same property. It was a lovely, light-filled kitchen with plenty of space. The whole front room was basically a large open area. There were at least 30 people there. I wish I had brought my camera.

She made Lavender-Lemon cookies, Basil-Lime cookies (with cinnamon basil), and a tart with a Rosemary-Madeira Wine crust. Everything was yummy. Now I know how to use real vanilla beans and vanilla bean paste if I ever have to. I want them to have a bread baking class next.

And, by the way, some people (who we won't name) should really come out for a visit, if only just to visit this nursery with me. Some people would really love it. City Farmers Nursery

And while I was there, I asked them about the lavender plant that I thought I was killing. She told me that they just get that way and I should just take off the brown parts and trim about 3 inches off the stalks. So I guess I'll try that.

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