Monday, June 30, 2008

Paper or plastic

An older woman ahead of me in line at the grocery store was paying with a check. It was Sunday. I wasn't in any hurry, but I still managed to be silently annoyed with her. The woman behind me in line started to get twitchy and you could tell that she truly wanted to let out a big sigh.

I don't understand why anyone would pay with a check because it just doesn't seem logical. You can use a debit card and the exact same thing happens - they take the money out of your checking account.

But I can fast-forward 40 years and I know exactly what will happen. I'll be the 80-year-old woman in line who insists on spending all that time to slide my plastic card through the card reader slot and punch in numbers on the key pad. While people behind me in line roll their eyes and sigh because they can't understand why I don't just pass my head through the scanner to use the perfectly good chip implanted in my brain by the Government/Haliburton Conglomerate. Or something like that.

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